The Lifeboat: Panfandom RPG

Name: The Lifeboat (the_lifeboat)
Format: LiveJournal
Genre: Multi-Fandom Stargate-based
Contact: thelifeboatmods [at] gmail [dot] com.
Minimum Age Requirement: 18+
Game Description: the_lifeboat is a multi/pan-fandom Stargate based RP. Currently in its infancy, the game is accepting new characters from many different fandoms, and there are also Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis characters available for play.

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Interview With Harold Perrinau Jr.

Recently my online magazine spoke with Harold for an interview about the film 28 Weeks Later. We also spoke with him about the rumor he will return to "Lost" for the season finale. If you'd like to check out his interview you can do so by heading to this link:


You can also take a listen to the interview with our podcast by heading to this link:


We do not give permission for anyone to post content or clips from our interviews. If you know of any good places to post these links, feel free to do so.
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Crossing Lost: Second Season - A New Beginning

Crossing Lost Getting Here is the Easy Part
Crossing Lost (crossing_lostrp) is a multi-fandom role-playing game set against the backdrop of the LOST island.

Multi-fandom simply means that characters from any and all walks of life and media mediums - books, television, anime, comics, movies - of established canons live and interact on this deserted, "unmapped" tropical island while dealing with the myriad of strange and unusual things, from time-travel to mystical appearances (and disappearances) that take place on the island.

Background: Forget what you think you know. Forget everything that came before. It's time to jump in and simply play. If you have a character, then we have a place for you. Don't worry about the timelines or any backstory, it's the future that matters.

Your character will awaken to find him/herself stranded on a desert island, with no memory of whom they are or how they got there. Eventually, memories will return but there will always be that lingering blank spot that explains where you came from . . .

Communities & Information

FAQs: Got a question? Check here to see if it's been answered.

crossinglostooc: Out-of-Character Community

xinglost_admin: Administrative, News & Update Community

The Rules: Rules for participating in Crossing Lost

Claimed Characters: A list of the currently claimed (played) inhabitants of the island

Island's Most Wanted: Characters we'd love to have.

The Wiki: Character Bios and more.

We welcome you to watch, or to submit an application.

Contact for questions.

We're currently seeking active, mature, enthusiastic players from all walks of fandom.

Come join crossing_lostrp and find out that life on a desert island isn't always about tropical survival. . . sometimes, it's about surviving the weird.