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Crossing Lost Seeking New Players

Crossing Lost, a panfandom RPG loosely based on LOST is seeking new players and characters. We have a ton of abandoned/unclaimed Losties, and we also encourage people to bring in new characters as well.

Crossing Lost Getting Here is the Easy Part
Crossing Lost (crossing_lostrp) is a multi-fandom role-playing game set against the backdrop of the LOST island.

Multi-fandom simply means that characters from any and all walks of life and media mediums - books, television, anime, comics, movies - of established canons live and interact on this deserted, "unmapped" tropical island while dealing with the myriad of strange and unusual things, from time-travel to mystical appearances (and disappearances) that take place on the island.

We welcome you to watch, or to submit an application.

Contact for questions.

Communities & Information

FAQs: Got a question? Check here to see if it's been answered.

crossinglostooc: Out-of-Character Community

xinglost_admin: Administrative, News & Update Community

The Rules: Rules for participating in Crossing Lost

Claimed Characters: A list of the currently claimed (played) inhabitants of the island

The Wiki: All about the history and the characters.

crossing_lostrp is a year old and still going strong. Quality writing, mature players, and dedicated, good people. Please check us out.
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